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Laminate flooring could meet all your needs

Maybe you are looking for just one more option. You like the look of ceramic tile and hardwood, but committing to a permanent floor such as these does not fit the budget. If that is the case, why not consider a laminate floor? They look like the real thing, are extremely durable, and you won’t need to break open your piggy bank to afford them.

Laminate floors are designed specifically to meet your flooring needs for any room in your home. Some are designed to look like hardwood flooring of various sorts. Others are designed to look like tile, complete with grout lines. Still, others are designed to look like brick or stone. Thus, whether you are seeking flooring for a more formal area of your home or a more casual area, laminates can accommodate your every need.

A durable and water-resistant flooring choice

If you are concerned about high traffic in your home, laminates offer another advantage: they are highly scratch and scuff resistant. Whether that traffic is a result of little feet or the toenails of four-footed friends, these floors have a top layer specifically designed to prevent most scratching. Most models carry ten and twenty-year wear guarantees.

Laminate underlayment and installation

They are also highly resistant to water; some lines are even waterproof. That means that spills in the kitchen and splashes in the bathroom are not to be worried about. Simply clean up the water and get back to life as normal. Due to their water-resistant design, they are also excellent choices for entranceways, laundry rooms, and any other area where moisture is commonplace.

Laminate floors are designed to be installed over a moisture barrier or a sound barrier as an underlayment. This helps to prevent any moisture from the floor from coming up into the underneath of the flooring. These underlayments are also designed to help insulate the floor from sound to help keep your home a little quieter.

We also install it. Our goal is that you have a great experience with us at Tony's Floor Coverings from start to finish. That means our installers will make extra sure that you are satisfied with the completed work before they leave the site. You are our number one priority.

We, at Tony's Floor Coverings, are your laminate flooring retailer in Pueblo, CO. So, whether you live around the corner or you live down the road in Pueblo, CO, Trinidad, CO, Rye, CO, Colorado City, CO, Cañon City, CO, || Pueblo West, CO, we are happy to serve you. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales staff will walk you through every option available to ensure you find the right laminate floors for your home.