How to choose a good carpet?

How to choose a good carpet?

So you’re in the market for a good carpet. When you go to a carpet store, you’ll find that there are many choices you have. There are many samples to look at and fibers to consider, not to mention the plethora of colors and patterns. That's okay because Tony’s Floor Coverings is here for you. Let us help you sort through all the choices and settle on the carpet for your home.

The first step: Requirements

The first step you want to do is determine your requirements for the carpeting you are choosing. We have some questions for you: It will be installed in which room in your house? Is it a large or small room? Does it have a lot of traffic or very little? Is it exposed to sunlight, or is it a dark room? How do you use the space? Do you need stain resistance? Extra durability? And finally, How big is your budget for this project? These are questions that you need to answer first.

Second step: Research

Next, you want to research your carpeting. Discover the five primary fibers manufacturers use in creating carpet: nylon, polyester, wool, triexta, and olefin. Research the characteristics of each fiber, between the natural and synthetic ones. Your choice usually comes down to the fiber that you like the most. Finally, look at the construction style of the manufacturers. Do you like Berber? Saxony? Low or high pile? Cut pile? Frieze? Cut and looped? These choices are entirely up to you.

Third step: Quality

Finally, look at the carpet itself. Check the density of the carpet. This is how closely the fibers are tufted, and the density should be about 3000 for your home. Be sure to check the sample card; if you bend it, and see a lot of white space, ask the associate why.

Here at Tony’s Floor Coverings, we understand how confusing it can be to choose a carpet these days. That’s why our friendly and qualified staff are experts in walking you through the carpet buying process. We want to make it as painless as possible. Let us be your carpet store and help you with your floor covering. We have a showroom in Pueblo, CO. Our service areas are Trinidad, Rye, Colorado City, and Canon City. Call us today!