Carpet textures: What you need to know

Carpet textures: What you need to know

Carpet floor covering is appealing for many reasons: the happy feeling of stepping out onto something warm and plush. There certainly are a lot of textures from which to choose.

Keep in mind that getting the right one for your project takes a lot of thought and a little research; your needs might require different carpeting than the one you fell in love with at your neighbor’s house down the street.

How they begin

They all begin as a looped construction where the fibers are threaded through the backing during the manufacturing process. They either remain that way completely uncut or then get cut into piles of various heights.

Looped construction: a little more durable

Possibly because they only have to go through one process, these are more durable. Level loops have tightly woven fibers and are a little less soft than some others. They are great, however, for large, active families with kids and pets. Berber, which is also durable and is often installed in offices, has thicker yarns than the level loop, and a distinctive color may also include flecks of brown or gray.

When they are cut

1. Cut-pile: The basic cut-pile has short, even fibers.

2. High and low pile: You’ll hear the word “pile” a lot in the carpet store. High-pile, like the shag, is best for low-traffic rooms. Low pile rugs with short, tightly woven fibers are more durable and easier to clean.

3. Frieze: This has longer fibers, so tightly twisted they curl, giving it a more casual look that’s great for family rooms.

4. Saxony: This cut-pile has longer fibers than the basic and comes in two versions: Saxony Straight (or plush or velvet) and Saxony Texture (or trackless), where the fibers go in varied directions, leaving no marks. Plush has densely packed fibers and will leave footprints and other marks; trackless does not.

5. Cut and loop: The various heights create looks, such as marble sculpted, pin-dot, or geometric.

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